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Welcome to the Online Home of Scott Rawson


This is me in Hawaii, with my friend Jenn whom I met while I was there! I had alot of fun working my internship out there surfing everyday! WOOO HOOO! I also had fun recieving tons of e-mail messages from my old high school buddies, and not responding to them. People thought I died...

Here I am again on a date with Brenda at an old high school banquet. 1998. To answer a question you might have, no I am not dating her now. I am completely single, so I'm available ladies!

This is me and my friend, Dan. He's the man who got me started with this website and I thank him for it. Here we are hanging out at another old high school banquet. 1999

And here is Dan beating me up during class! 1999

And just because he's that cool, a picture of Dan by himself at yet, another banquet! 1999. Never thought we'd see him dress up, and probably hasn't since.

Last but not least, here is my sister Megan. What is she doing!?